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Dedication and Integrity


Our Story

Kwame Agati opened the doors to his Law Chambers in the dawn of the Millenium, in the year 2000, to meet the needs of the corporate, financial, Property and ICT sectors and individuals in Ghana. The firm is the principal provider of specialised legal services in the nation today.

Our Approach

We act at all times with honesty, integrity within legislative and regulatory requirements and decline to act if a possibility of conflict of interest arises, offering our clients the highest level of confidentiality, privacy and discretion in dealing with their corporate or personal matters.

A Ghanaian law practice you can trust

                    Our Key Areas of Practice…


Resolving conflict. Preparing and presenting cases in Ghana and Accra court.


Regulations and laws surrounding the telecommunications industry in Ghana


Regulations surrounding the ruling, establishment and dismantling of companies. Law dealing with commercial trade and operations of a business. 


Law relating to human intellect creations based in Ghana

Law Offices of Kwame Agati

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Law Offices of Kwame Agati provides national and international clients with access to the company’s full spectrum of capabilities in diverse areas of law

Law Offices of Kwame Agati​

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